About the new release

We added the Finish pass parameter to the Adaptive SC strategy.

Finishing pass and offset in the Adaptive SC strategy

In this update, we have added the Finish pass option to the Adaptive SC strategy. It works the same way as the other strategies. Also, when the Finish Pass option is enabled, the Compensation Mode option appears.

Changes have been made to four operations: Pocketing, 2.5D Pocketing, 2.5D Cover Machining and Roughing Waterline.

What’s new:

  • Updated Robot Calibration app 1.0.6 (22) has been released for Google Play and App Store
  • Annin AR4 robot model has been added to the MachineMaker library
  • Added Lighting for the Paint operation to improve the visualization quality
  • Added Effector command for writing post processors for laser cutting machines
  • Added the Increment field to MachineMaker when setting up robot axes
  • Optimized performance and visualization in solid modeling mode

List of fixed bugs and errors:

  • A bug in MachineMaker with TCP binding tool
  • Bugs when working with HeavyDuty Robot in MachineMaker
  • Errors when working with the Transform option in MachineMaker
  • A bug with the cell tree in MachineMaker
  • Bugs with connector dots when pressing Ctrl in MachineMaker
  • A bug with writing Jaw
  • A bug when reimporting models in MachineMaker
  • Errors when calculating the map of the axes of the robot
  • A bug in the 6D Contour operation
  • A bug when working with kinematic nodes in MachineMaker
  • A bug when specifying a plane by a coordinate system
  • A bug when saving cells in MachineMaker
  • A critical error when working with the Drawing
  • A critical error when opening some projects
  • A critical bug when interactively editing leads
  • A bug when choosing a machine with fewer tools than the previous one
  • A bug in the 5D Contour operation
  • A bug in the Electric Erosion 2D operation
  • Bugs in the Roughing with Disk operation
  • A bug taking into account horizontal planes in the finishing layered
  • A bug in polar interpolation
  • A bug with interception in the scheme with the counter spindle
  • A bug with incorrect reading of 3D models when opening a project
  • A bug in the post processor generator
  • A bug in the 2D Contour operation during interpolation
  • A bug when working with a vice in a snap
  • A bug with reproduction along the C axis when drilling
  • Graphical errors
  • Errors with translation of operation parameters
  • A bug with TCP binding in MachineMaker
  • Errors when working with 3D robot models in MachineMaker
  • A bug when converting a drawing to a sketch
  • Bugs in 5D mesh operation
  • Rendering errors
  • A bug when calculating a trajectory with restrictions
  • A bug in the Morphing operation
  • A bug in the sawing operation
  • Bugs in the 3D module

A total of 137 changes have been made to SprutCAM X, including bug fixes and workflow improvements.

Users who have active technical support have already been notified about the new release and can upgrade.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team.